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Then it is time again for our training trip to China. We will travel out from Oslo with connecting flights from Stockholm and Copenhagen, and possibly some other place. We travel with Air China.

Flight will come soon

Journey home:
Flight will come soon

In Beijing we will stay in Fengtai a suburb to Beijing they work together with the venerable Shi Cha Hai sports school, considered by many as the best tennis school in China for the younger ones. As an example of it so I can mention that the reigning world champion Ding Ning and Ma Long will leave. That’s why I go here for the 19 th time. All training is conducted out of the Chinese and there are sparring / Chinese at all. There are 11 training sessions / per week. Good preparation is to recommend in terms of both physics and table tennis terms.

When we do not exercise we have a chance to look around in Beijing. We will visit the famous places like Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, Forbidden City and a visit to the Olympic Stadium (Bird Nest). In addition, several markeds selling electronics and designer clothes to about 1/4 of what we pay at home.

We pay the Chinese yuan, 650 yuan for players and 500 yuan per day for trainer / parents. This is payable in cash to the school either in euro or yuan. Euro exchange rate fixed against the yuan sets 1 week before arrival if you want to pay in euros. Flying about 6.600 Norwegian kroner per ticket depending on flight duty when we pick up the ticket. A training camp of 1 days is common costs in total with flights and full board about 18.000 NOK/SEK.

Hotel, food 3 times / day, training 2 times / day, and transportation to the sights.

I have been promised about 25 seats on the school and the principle of first come first served. This applies to players. Is there then parents and leaders, they are also welcome. Many families have over the years taken this as a holiday, which have been very popular because we live right in the center of Beijing.

Visas you apply at the embassy and an invitation from the school you will receive from me in the month of May to add to the application. The first 25 units are guaranteed seat.

Deadline for entries 15 april 2019.

For more information Please contact
Jan Berner Phone: 0047 970 825 29

Welcome !!

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Table tennis Camp in China


Jan Berner has since 1998 every summer hosted training camps in Beijing, China. Camps has since been held at the internationally acclaimed school Shi Cha Hai Sports School. This school is considered by many of the best tennis school in the world. The school has fostered several verses its master and Olympic champion as Ding Ning and Ma Long as the most famous.

The school is located in central Beijing. When not trained, they have the chance to see the city.

During our stay we will visit the famous spots such as Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. And we head to several markets that sell designer clothes at a cheap price.

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