Planned excursions

Beihai park

About 5 min from the hotel is Beihai Park. The park is the oldest and best preserved of the imperial parks throughout China. Here we see a beautiful park with bridges, gates and pavilions 

Silk market and Yashow Market


In these markets you will find bags, shoes, clothes, silk, cloth, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, Chinese souvenirs and more (much notice plagiarism of various quality). Here you haggle hard as rock. This is theater. The price may start at 1,000 yuan and end at 100 yuan. At the market you can order clothes. Do you have such a showpiece, and want a new garment or a different color, take the garment and have it made for a great price.

Temple of heaven

IMG_4788 IMG_4078

Temple of Heaven is considered to be one of the most beautiful and grandest that exists in the country, and since 1998 has been considered as world heritage site. The temple was built at the same time as the emperor’s palace in the Forbidden City, the beginning of the 1400s by Emperor Yongle.

Pearl market

Here one can obtain beads of good quality and not least cheap. You can create your own jewelry – how far it should be, how many rows of pearls, which lock etc. Bargain and take your time! The market also holds other articles a la Silk Market.

Summer Palace

IMG_4094 IMG_4091

The person associated with the summer palace widowed empress Wu Cixi who had the real power from 1861 until 1908. Cixi ruled the country after ultraconservative ideas that prevented any modernization attempts. It was the empress who made the famous marble boat. The park was a refuge for emperors during the summers (15.04 to 05.10) when Beijing was too hot.

Great Wall

 The wall is fantastic, so long, broad and well built with stairs and watchtower. This ishistory’s greatest buildings, and it is an experience to walk on it.
The wall is 6350 km long, a distance that corresponds to northern Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. They began to build the wall in 400 BC The small kingdoms that existed then would protect against attacks from each other and nomads. It took 10 years for 300,000 men, many of whom were prisoners, to complete the work.

Forbidden city

This is an experience in all its excellence as was the Ming and Qingkeiserens residence. This is Beijing’s premier attraction. Only when the empire was overthrown, the doors were opened to the general population. 24 emperors had ruled the country from here. For 500 years it was the Imperial Palace completely closed to the outside world, hence the name. The palace is surrounded by a 10 meters high and 3 meters wide wall with watchtowers at the four corners. Outside the wall, there is a 50m wide moat. Fire gates leading into the palace. The palace was finished style of 100,000 men in the early 1400s. According to the story, there were 9,999 rooms since 9 is a sacred number, and only in heaven could exist a palace with 10,000 rooms. The palace was serviced by 9,000 court ladies and 10,000 eunuchs (Tip. see the movie “The Last Emperor”).


China’s acrobatics groups are world famous and frequently tours abroad. The acrobatics as art, has a tradition of 700 BC and there are special schools that train circus artists.

Tiananmen Square

Beijing’s political and cultural center known throughout the world, and is one of the largest spaces available (one can gather around 500.00 people on the square).

Chinese restaurant

Kina sommaren 2010 076

Beijing duck is perhaps the most famous the dish in China. There are hundreds of restaurants just in Beijing that serves it. the duck is served with small thin pancakes / lpotato tortillas , finely sliced scallions and plum sauce made of soybeans. The dish is over 300 years old and is extremely popular. During our stay, we eat Beijing duck at one of Beijing’s best restaurants, owned by the school.


Wangfujing is Beijing’s main shopping street. They have done everything possible to emulate an exclusive American or European shopping street of good and evil. Here’s even a food court where you can eat scorpion, small snakes and insects.

Lama temple

Lama temple is one of the main temples in the city. This is the temple of harmony and peace, and is functioning monastery for monks. It is a very beautiful place with gardens, flowers and benches. The temple was built in 1694 as residence of Prince Yinzhen, who later became Emperor Yongzheng. When the building was converted into a temple and monastery in the year 1744.

Bird nest og Water Cube


We go to the city’s Olympic Stadium from 2008.

Exploring on your own

Antique market
An enormous roof spanning hundreds of stands with new and old antiques, handicrafts, wood carvings, porcelain, batik, ancient books and furniture. Here’s something for everyone, haggle!

Fragrant Hills Park
The park belonged already in the 1100s the imperial hunting markets. The area is now one of the most popular excursion near Beijing.
The park has beautiful temple and pavilions. The funicular to the highest point at 557 meters. Where one has an underbar views. On top is a small pagoda and a Tibetan temple.


It offers entertainment in the form of Chinese opera, acrobatics, magicians and traditional music. You sit at a table, drinking tea and eating side dish (ask me for suggestions on teahouse and addresses).

Drum Tower and the bell tower


Not too far from school lie Drum Tower and bell tower. Listen to drum playing in the tower every hour.


Maos mausoleum

On the southern part of the Tian’anmen Square, located Mao Memorial Hall in white marble and gold glazed roof. A long line moves pretty quickly past Mao located “on a bed.” You can not bring a bag or camera into the hall. There are repository of purses / bags nearby.

Beijing Zoo


Beijing Zoo is one of the largest zoos in China. In the park you can see the famous panda.