Step 4 from Sweden. It is the highest level of education one can take in table tennis.

Practical experience:

Worked with players, from beginners to world champions such as Jørgen Persson.

Worked as premium league coach for Halmstad BTK in Sweden, men and ladies.

Worked as chairman of two major clubs in Sweden, Saab BTK and Derby.

Do missions for the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) 2001-

Do missions for the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) 2009-

Coached at 13 World Championships, 7 European championships and one Olympics in 2004, and many Pro Tours and youth championships.

Clubs I have been coach:
1988-1990: Halmstad BTK.

1991-1999: Saab BTK / Linköping.

1999-01: B-72 / Lørenskog.

2001-05: Kobra BTK / Kongsvinger.

2005-09: B-72 / Lørenskog.

National coach for:
1987-1991: Sweden (responsible for the best 15-year-olds in Sweden).

1992-1995: Norway, ladies senior, ladies junior and cadet girls.

1995-1998: Estonia, men senior.

1999-1901: Norway, men junior and cadet boys.

2001-04: Finland head coach the Finnish Tennis Association.

2004-05: Australia, men senior and men junior.

2005-10: Norway, ladies senior, ladies junior and cadet girls.

2010-14: Faroe Islands, the head coach of table tennis association in the Faroe Islands.

Highlights of my career as coach
1989 Swedish champion team. Best club for younger Swedish championship.

1990 Simon Angel 3rd place for cadets, EYC.

1990 Pernilla Andersson (Pettersson) Swedish champion Women’s singles.

1995 Tatiana Thistakova 3rd place in mixed doubles, EYC.

1996-1999 1996 No.1 in 2.div., 1997 No.1 in 1.div., 1998 No.1 in the premier league for women, with the same team / players.

1999 Best younger club in the Swedish championship.

1993-1999 Coach Matilda Ekholm, ranked as No.. 34 in the world (at her best).

2001 Gold in layers B-72 – Premium league.

2001 Coach of Geir Erlandsen SOC, beating No.. 5 in the world rankings Liu Gou Zeng.

2004 Coach of the Olympics for Miao Miao 1/16.

2005 Continental Champion – Oceania, junior boys team.

2005 Common wealth games, 3rd place men senior team Australia.

2007 WJC finals in Cape Town, 2nd place for Ma Wenting.

2008 Netu champion teams for junior girls.

2008 EYC 3rd place in doubles junior boys Rønneberg / Hellerudveien (club coach)

2008 WJC 1st place for junior girls in Poland, Sweden, Egypt and France for Ma Wenting.

2008 Netu champion teams for junior girls.

2008 WJC finals in Helsingborg, 3rd place for Ma Wenting.