Pack as light as possible, too little rather than too much. The hotel washes clothes. You get clean clothes the day after. We recommend that you do not wash by hand in the bathroom because the room is very humid, and it takes a long time to dry clothes.

SAS baggage weight: 23 kg and hand luggage: 8 kg.

The flight

Bring a mask for eyes, ear buds, wipes and toothbrush. Pillow and blanket Borrow on the plane. Good tip is to put on comfortable clothes.

Take a walk in the plane now and then. The air in the cabin is claimed to be as dry as the Sahara desert, so drink plenty of water.


You can buy toiletries very cheap in nearby warehouses (known brands). Wrap with you only small packages.

Travel Pharmacy

It might be okay to take with analgesic and antipyretic, nasal spray, Imodium or travello. This is also cheap  to buy on the Chinese pharmacies.


China has no requirements for vaccinations. See that tetanus vaccine still holds (should be renewed every 10 years). Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended. We have not had any cases of illness during these years, just colds.


The Chinese are very good at massage. There exists the possibility of massage from 20-50Y in parks to 175Y at larger hotels. Contact us for tips on massage parlors.


Might be smart to get a haircut during China visit. A haircut at an simple hairdresser cost about 50Y, on a bigger and nicer, 150Y. There is a lounge with various treatments.

Manicures and pedicures

You should make time for this. Costs about 100Y to get painted fine pattern on your nails.


Drink only bottled water. Make sure the packaging is not broken.


Hotel serves all our electrical appliances.


“Online” is free in the hotel room and the reception.


Please contact your insurance company and see what it covers.


Postal service work quickly and safely to Europe.


Today’s value of YUAN against NOK.

It is possible to take out Chinese currency with VISA card. There is a bank right at the school.

Mobile phone

It works using a Scandinavian mobile subscriptions in Beijing, nut not prepaid card.


The Chinese were previously known for their honesty. Today you have to watch out for pickpockets. Top with a small bag around his waist. In the hotel room’s “safe box” (we have during these years never been exposed to pickpockets).


Taxi: For a cheap price you can on its own make small excursions (approx 10Y 5 km). In recent years the number of cars exploded so there is heavy traffic with long queues at certain times.

Bicycles can be rented for 30-80Y / day.

Bus: Cheap and cramped.

Metro: latest and most efficient means of transport in the city.

ALWAYS BRING A VISIT CARD TO YOUR HOTEL! Very few Chinese speak English, not even taxi drivers. It’s more or less impossible to pronounce the hotel name correctly.

Feel free copy of your passport, airline ticket, insurance and credit card as an extra precaution.